With filming done for the day Rob Lowe and other "Potomac Fever" producers were spotted dining at Cafe Milano Wednesday night. After months of speculation, Lowe arrived in Washington late Tuesday to spend three days shooting "Potomac Fever."

Since his arrival, he's been excitedly tweeting about the project, which is focused on young Washingtonians. On Twitter he told fans that "Potomac Fever" would look at the lives of "young, driven media people trying to navigate power and love." He also said it would "hopefully" be smarter than "Jersey Shore."

Cast members for the show, which could end up airing on E!, include Fresh 94.7's Tommy McFly and WUSA-9's Angie Goff.

Lowe spent a portion of Wednesday on Capitol Hill tweeting that "Potomac Fever" was at the Senate swearing-in. He was spotted on Capitol Hill on Thursday as well.