GLOUSTER, Ohio (AP) — A shuttered, state-owned lodge at a southeastern Ohio park will be reopened this fall and its rooms are expected to undergo hefty renovations as part of an agreement with a new state contractor.

The state's Department of Natural Resources recently announced that U.S. Hotels, a hospitality company, will operate Burr Oak Lodge and Conference Center in Glouster under a two-year contract with the state.

The facility has been closed since January due to sparse use and poor facility conditions. Plus, the previous company that ran the lodge chose not bid on a new contract. The state did not have another bidder to replace the operator.

Ohio officials had considered tearing down the facility, at a cost of $2 million, said Jim Zehringer, director of the state's natural resources agency.

"Instead, we opted to work with state and local leaders to revitalize this once great facility and make it viable again," Zehringer said in a statement Thursday.

As part of the state's deal with U.S. Hotels, the natural resources department must redirect the money to support renovations to the property. The move requires approval from the state's Controlling Board, which meets Aug. 20.

The lodge was dedicated in 1967, and some of its decor still harkens back to that decade, said Bethany McCorkle, a spokeswoman for the natural resources department.

There are currently 60 rooms at the lodge, but some might be merged into more family-friendly suites. Other renovations include electrical improvements.

The lodge is located at Burr Oak State Park, which covers parts of Athens, Morgan and Perry counties.

State officials also plan to meet with area residents to see how they can help make the park a more of a regional destination. Some ideas have included adding zipline courses and trails for ATVs and other motorized vehicles. McCorkle said.

"Nothing's been decided or ruled out," she said.