Baseball is entering a new era.

It's a time when Matt Garza can throw a no-hitter after allowing seven runs on 10 hits to the worst team in baseball in his previous start.

It's a time when Dallas Braden, and his 19-28 career record, can throw a perfect game.

It's a time when Armando Galarraga misses throwing baseball's third perfect game within a month's span because of a bad call, and the righty gets sent to the minors a little more than a month later.

This is not the "Year of the Pitcher" — that was 1968. This is the "Year of the Pitching Surprises."

Even a Cy Young-winning pitcher is entering rare territory. Cliff Lee has eight straight starts of at least eight innings with one walk or fewer, tied for the longest streak since 1920.

It's just been an unusual roller-coaster year on the mound.

On June 17, Ubaldo Jimenez was 13-1 with a 1.15 ERA. But the righty has posted a 7.64 ERA in his last six starts.

And the best pitcher since June 7? Gavin Floyd, who has allowed just eight earned runs in his last 10 starts.

With two months left in the season, we can only hope the craziness continues.