In a shocking slam on political Super PACs, the Democratic chairwoman of the Federal Election Commission this week charged that "over 90 percent" spend their millions raised by white men helping only white men.

Providing no evidence, and ignoring super PAC support for the dozens of minorities in Congress, Hillary Clinton and President Obama, Ann M. Ravel told a New York conference that the big money groups also choke out candidates they don't fund.

"Over 90 percent of Super PACs are funded by white males, and they generally have been found to contribute to white males," she declared.

"With the outsized influence of Super PACs, the barrier to entry into political office is too great. And few women or minorities or others who don't have access to money will have a chance to even be nominated, much less elected, to public office," she added.

"This lack of representation and participation really undermines our representative system," said Ravel, ignoring that a record 104 women serve in Congress and that male and female, Republican and Democrat African-American are also in Congress.

Speaking at a day-long conference last week hosted by the Brennan Center for Justice, the New York City Campaign Finance Board, and the Committee for Economic Development, she also came up with a campaign finance reform and transparency solution that might stun her five other FEC colleagues.

Calling for major changes, she urged the president to fire every commissioner except her.

"Certainly Congress or the president could establish a blue ribbon commission to propose reforms at the FEC including replacing holdover commissioners of which everybody is a holdover commissioner except me, so it's not for personal reasons," she said.

Ravel also seemed to wish for an FEC scandal, even mentioning Watergate. "The only way to fix this problem is scandal," she said.

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