"I need to have a conversation with someone," Sherrod told CBS. (ap photo)

As Michael Douglas famously said in "The American President," "Sidney! Congress doesn't take this long!" Fired Ag Dept. official Shirley Sherrod told CBS News that she's been offered the job of deputy director of the office of advocacy and outreach.

She has yet to read the offer all the way through.

One of the more riveting aspects of the Sherrod saga has been watching her -- from day one, when she was interviewed apparently at home, and didn't once look into the camera. She was not an effective advocate for herself, and seemed overwhelmed by the situation.

Now she is TV-groomed and camera-ready, still making the rounds of network and cable shows, but now with a lot more poise and confidence.

It's unclear what the job pays, what it actually does and whether it's a Georgia-based job or otherwise. The White House hasn't had much to say about the situation since President Obama called Sherrod -- they seem to really want the whole thing to go away.