Sheriffs angered by the crime committed by illegals across America have joined in a call to close the borders and eliminate "sanctuary cities."

"Lives are depending on it," said Ana Franklin, the sheriff of Morgan County, Ala.

Four sheriffs, including Mike Chapman of Washington bedroom community Loudoun County, joined in an ad for the Federation for American Immigration Reform to demand that President Obama and Congress start enforcing immigration laws that target illegal border crossings and aliens convicted of crimes.

"This ad campaign brings the perspective of law enforcement professionals who see firsthand the impact that uncontrolled immigration, sanctuary cities and criminal aliens have on our citizens and communities," said FAIR President Dan Stein.

"The Obama administration's refusal to enforce immigration laws results in tens of thousands of criminal aliens being returned to communities all across the nation each year. Sheriffs, who are elected directly by the people, must deal with the crimes perpetrated by criminal aliens who are allowed to remain in the U.S. under Obama administration policies," he said.

FAIR said it plans to air the ad initially in Wisconsin and North Carolina.

It comes as Republican Donald Trump is set to unveil his latest immigration reform plan which puts the spotlight on deporting criminal illegals.

Franklin said that the federal government's unwillingness to enforce immigration laws was being paid for by state and local taxpayers. "Illegal immigration is a huge drain on the services of the communities in which large groups of undocumented aliens reside," she said.

Donald Smith, the sheriff of Putnam County, NY, said, closing the border is also an anti-terrorism effort.

"Illegal immigration is an issue that has stayed in the 'too hard to handle' category for far too long. To have millions of people in this country who are here illegally and have no identity, while at the same time, law enforcement works so hard to keep our citizens safe from both criminal activity and the threat of terrorism is mind boggling," he said.

In the ad, the four sheriffs share in speaking part of this dialogue:

"America needs to enforce its immigration laws.

Nobody understands that better than your local sheriffs.

We see the impact of illegal immigration every day.

We see firsthand the dangers of open borders, sanctuary cities and criminal aliens released back onto the streets.

We are your local sheriffs, charged with keeping America safe.

But we need the president and Congress to do their part and start enforcing immigration laws. Lives are depending on it."

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