Michael D. Brown, one of the District’s two “shadow” U.S. senators, has become tired of, well, working in the shadows.

So he’s running for an at-large council seat on a singular platform: D.C. statehood.

“Plan A is to win and make D.C.’s statehood a focus for the council,” Brown told The Washington Examiner. “Plan B is I don’t win, but I elevate the issue and we have it on the front burner.”

Brown is a self-described campaign expert, who, like Mayor Adrian Fenty, also won every precinct when he ran in 2006 to be “D.C.’s last shadow senator.”

His name may also cause a bit of confusion at the polls. There already is a Michael Brown who holds an at-large council seat. But that’s Michael A. Brown, and his seat doesn’t expire until 2013.

“The name recognition helps,” Michael D. Brown said. “There’s nothing I can do about it. It would be dishonest if my name was Bruce Jones and I changed it, but I’ve had this name for 57 years.”