Anthony Weiner, who resigned from Congress in June 2011 due to a sexting scandal, has found himself yet again the middle of a racy wrongdoing.

The latest incident suggests that Weiner, the husband of one of Hillary Clinton's closest confidants, Huma Abedin, could pose a problem for Clinton's campaign.

According to the New York Post, the former New York congressman claimed he was "deceptively strong … like a mongoose," in a private online chat with a college student during a recent July trip to Los Angeles. He also gave his phone number to the student, whom he thought was a woman.

According to the Post, Weiner was actually online-flirting with a young male Republican.

The online individual, a New York student using a female friend's Twitter account and calling himself "Nikki," baited Weiner into chatting about "strappy black heels" and "porn scenes."

Weiner admitted to the online chat in an email to the Post.

Weiner has been caught "sexting," two times prior. Once was the sexually explicit tweet that led to his 2011 resignation, and then when he was caught calling himself "Carlos Danger" while sexting with Sydney Leathers.

"The amount of effort this took was the most alarming thing given his history," the man behind the latest online chats with Weiner told the Post. "I was trying to think how to get him to say something stupid without making it so obvious."

Read the online chat here.