Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., said Tuesday evening Donald Trump "absolutely should not joke" about encouraging gun owners to go after Hillary Clinton if she moves to tighten gun owners' rights.

"You should not in any way suggest that violence can be used in this political system — that's contrary to everything we believe in," Sessions told CNN's Wolf Blitzer.

Earlier in the day, Trump had told attendees at a North Carolina rally that Clinton wants to abolish the Second Amendment and if she gets to pick appointees to the Supreme Court, "there's nothing you can do, folks." He then added, "although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is." His campaign team issued a statement later saying he was not implying anything violent.

The immigration hawk, who had been on Trump's short list for a running mate, said he does not believe Trump meant the statement in the way it was construed by the media.

"I don't believe this a serious statement of any kind that should impact this election now," Sessions said. "It may have been awkwardly phrased, but he talks aggressively to the people and I think that's healthy instead of hiding like Hillary Clinton does."

Sessions said Trump should continue to talk about what "I think he clearly meant," which was the threat Clinton presents to gun owners.