Sen. Jeff Sessions said he is still ready to support Donald Trump's immigration policy, even as the GOP nominee continues to tweak his ideas and faces backlash for softening his stance.

"The most important thing is to focus first and foremost on a lawful system that protects the interests of the American people first. If you enter the country unlawfully you're subject to being deported. That's just what the law has always been. But we have a large number of people that have been here a very long time," the Alabama Republican told "Fox and Friends" Thursday morning.

At a town hall event Tuesday night, Trump suggested he could "work with" illegal immigrants who had been in the country for a long time. Trump later clarified that no amnesty would be granted.

"So I think what he's saying is let's prove — the weakness in so many of the plans that have been offered over the years is they've given amnesty first and promised enforcement in the future," Sessions said. "He's saying, let's fix this problem, let's fix it and then we'll wrestle with the people who have been here a long time."

When asked by co-host Brian Kilmeade if he could "get on board with that," Sessions, a longtime Trump supporter, voiced support.

"Oh, yeah, I can be supportive of that," Sessions said. "But you have to be careful because you've got to have the rule of law ... Look I think that's some of the things that he just mentioned. He's not announced what he's going to do. And I'm giving you some of my opinions about how I think we ought to approach this serious problem of re-establishing the lawful system of immigration."