Sen. Rand Paul argued Sunday that Hillary Clinton's recently discovered use of classified information on her personal email server is just the latest example of how the Clintons don't think the rules apply to them.

"They did this because they're Clintons, and the Clintons think they live above the law," Paul said on CBS News' "Face the Nation" Sunday. "They think they live differently than all the rest of America, and I think this is going to come back to bite her, and it already is."

When asked about the confidential information on her non-government server, Hillary said the whole investigation was a "disagreement" over what information should be considered classified.

"I am confident that I never sent nor received any information that was classified at the time it was sent and received," Clinton said. "And what I think you're seeing here is a very typical kind of discussion, to some extent a disagreement, among various parts of the government over what should or should not be publicly released."

Paul said the investigation was interesting because it is President Obama's administration that is now saying she had classified information on her private account, not a group of Republicans. He also said he has difficulty trusting Clinton because she had sensitive information on a non-government server, a violation of the rules.

"She doesn't obey the rules, but then she says, 'Oh, trust me, I didn't have any classified information,' and 'Trust me, I've given you all the emails.' It's a little bit hard to have trust in Hillary Clinton when she breaks every rule on the way, and then we're supposed to trust her to give us all of her email?" Paul said.

Paul also said that having details about Clinton's schedule on an insecure server could put her in danger as well as those who work to protect the secretary of state.

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