An anti-abortion group has released a second video showing a top Planned Parenthood official discussing the collection of fetal organs for medical research, and compensation for those organs, with actors posing as buyers of human tissue.

While the Center for Medical Progress claims it proves the group is illegally profiting from selling fetal body parts, the footage shows Mary Gatter, president of the group's council of medical directors, emphasizing that clinics don't participate in organ donations "for the money." It's not illegal to donate aborted fetal organs, but it is illegal to profit from their sale.

But Gatter does suggest in the video that she's okay with abortion doctors changing the type of abortion they perform in order to keep fetal organs intact for donations, despite acknowledging that could violate patient care protocols.

The video doesn't prove Planned Parenthood is doing anything illegal, something the group denies. But it is fueling another round of outrage and questions about how the country's largest abortion provider provides the body parts of aborted fetuses to biomedical companies.

House Speaker John Boehner called on President Obama Tuesday to condemn Planned Parenthood's participation in fetal organ donation.

"President Obama still has not denounced these horrific practices," Boehner said. "He has a responsibility to also speak out immediately and stop these practices now."

The latest video is the second released by the Center for Medical Progress, led by a former employee of Live Action, another group that has released undercover videos involving Planned Parenthood clinics. The first video, released last week, features another top official also discussing fetal tissue donations.

Two House panels have started investigations of the group and Sen. Rand Paul plans to push for legislation this week to defund it.

The video released Tuesday shows Gatter discussing how much a clinic would be compensated by a fake biomedical company for each aborted fetus. She appears to tentatively agree to $100 per specimen, although she initially asks for $75.

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Gatter admits that organ donations are logistically easy for clinics, saying they do get compensation. But she also says that they're "not in it for the money" and don't want to be perceived that way.

"We don't want to be in the position of being accused of selling the tissue and stuff like that," she says. "On the other hand, there are costs associated with the use of our space and all that kind of stuff."

Planned Parenthood has said its clinics are compensated only for the costs of collecting intact organs and transporting them. Eric Ferrero, the group's vice president of communications, said Tuesday that the videos are "deceptively edited."

"The video was heavily edited in attempt to support false and outrageous claims, but the fact remains that there is nothing in these videos to suggest any violation of law or improper activity," he said.

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But aside from the question of illegaly profiting from organ donations, the videos have also raised questions about whether some Planned Parenthood doctors may modify the type of abortion they administer, even though they're legally required to give the same standard of care regardless of whether a woman has consented to donate fetal tissue.

In the latest video, Gatter discusses whether it's okay for doctors to modify how they perform an abortion in order to keep certain organs intact. She warns that it could violate patient care protocols, but says she doesn't object to asking a doctor to use a technique with less suction than would be typically performed on a fetus of 10-12 weeks gestation, in order to keep organs intact.

"I think they're both totally appropriate techniques, there's no difference in the pain involved," she said. "I don't think the patients would care one iota, so I'm not making a fuss about that."