The latest audio recording of Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva’s explosive argument could be the biggest bombshell yet. The Russian singer is heard to accuse her infant daughter Lucia’s father of assaulting them both — and instead of denying it, he tells her, “No one will believe you!”

“You’re acting as a crazy man right now and you have been for many, many months. You hit me, and you hit her while she was in my hands! Mel, you’re losing your mind. You need medication,” Oksana said in yet another disturbing tape released by Radar Online.

After firing off a torrent of horrific expletives, a voice purported to be the “Braveheart” star said, “And I want my child, and no one will believe you!”

According to TMZ, Mel’s attorney met with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to present alleged evidence that Oksana “fabricated” her evidence against Mel and should be investigated for “extortion and falsified evidence.”

Oksana reportedly turned down a $15 million settlement to keep quiet about the tapes. She said she’s not the one who leaked them to the website, an assertion Radar Online bosses back up.

I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of this by a long shot.

Wedding Weirdness

Awkward alert! Last weekend, Kim Kardashian did her best to avoid mingling with former beau Reggie Bush at the wedding of two mutual friends, actress Khadijah Hagg and Reggie’s New Orleans Saints teammate Bobby McCray.

“It was difficult for the both of them, and they tried their best to avoid each other,” a source told Life&Style magazine. “Their families were there, and Reggie’s family talked to Kim, and Kim’s family talked to Reggie.”

But after both parties downed shots with pals, “as the wedding was breaking up, Reggie finally walked over to Kim and they talked for 10 minutes,” the insider said. “It was awkward at first, but after a few minutes they seemed to relax. Reggie was being sweet, and Kim was smiling. Then he hugged her when they were done talking.”

Though she didn’t bring her new football beau, Miles Austin of the Dallas Cowboys, “Kim has moved on,” another source said.
Well, that all sounds awfully mature! Where is the drama, people? Don’t waste our time here!

Jesse’s Girl

Jesse James can move with daughter Sunny from California to Austin, Texas, an Orange County court ruled, over her mother’s objections. TMZ reported that adult-film star Janine Lindemulder wept and shouted, “I’ll move, I’ll move!” after the ruling was handed down.

“Someday I will be her mother again,” the tattooed blonde told the website after the hearing.

The disgraced celebrity biker is uprooting to be closer to his ex-wife, Sandra Bullock, who’s committed to maintaining a relationship with her former stepchildren despite their dad’s marriage-destroying infidelities.

Jesse and Janine have been embroiled in a contentious custody battle over Sunny, and her visitation rights were curtailed after she served time in prison on tax evasion charges.

And you thought your family had issues.

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