Sandy, say it ain’t so! Even after their quick divorce, Sandra Bullock is poised to give cheating ex-hubby Jesse James another chance, Life&Style magazine reported.

“He will do anything to get back in her good graces,” Janine Lindemulder, mom of Jesse’s 6-year-old daughter, Sunny, told the tabloid. That includes moving with Sunny to Austin, Texas, so he and his kids can be closer to the Oscar winner and her adopted son, Louis.

“Her heart is open to him again,” an insider said.

“Sandra will never fully get over the way Jesse betrayed her,” the source said, “but he did give her the family she’s always wanted. And because of that, she’s able to forgive him.” 

Ugh. Don’t do it, Sandy, don’t do it!

Special Treatment?

Is Lindsay Lohan getting star treatment while she’s in jail? The actress received a hero’s welcome from cheering inmates at the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, but they’ve reportedly turned against her after finding out her solitary cell has a TV — and she’s getting new clothes and special food.

“She’s getting special treatment. Some inmates were getting pissy over it,” one recently released inmate told the New York Daily News. She said that at the infirmary, “the girls said they cleaned a special room for Lindsay. It had a regular hospital bed, a TV and a dresser for her new clothes and socks.”

Along with new clothes, LiLo was reputed to have paid for her own food, which we’re guessing is an improvement on jail grub, and she had access to a private phone.

“She’s being treated like any other inmate in her classification. There’s no special treatment at all,” a rep for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said.

Mel: ‘I Wasn’t Safe’

The day after their alleged explosive argument, Mel Gibson reportedly admitted to getting out of control with girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva in text messages obtained by Radar Online (your one-stop shop for Mel drama).

“Oksana, I wasn’t safe for you last night,” the actor purportedly confessed Jan. 6, the day after her camp claims he hit her and broke her teeth. “I spent two hours with a therapist today and have regained some perspective. What I’m telling you know [sic] is I am safe & would like to come by and make amends to you, [stepson] Sascha and [daughter] Lucia. I won’t stay, just let you say your peace and I’ll say mine.”

Oksana replied, “I have two broken front teeth and a concussion. I can not c u today, I’m hurting. U can apologize to Sascha some other time.”

In response, Mel pleaded, “Did you get them [the teeth] fixed yet? When can I see you? I need to see you this evening & then I promise I’ll leave you alone for as long as you want.”

Brangelina: Legal Victory

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have weathered their share of tabloid allegations — some patently absurd, some with a ring of truth — so what would drive them to sue for defamation?

After the U.K.’s News of the World reported that they had come to an agreement to split up, including division of custody rights for their six children, the power couple decided they had had enough. A court awarded them unspecified damages Thursday.

“When the News of the World failed to publicly retract the allegations and apologize for them — thereby leaving their readers in the dark as to the true position — the couple felt they had no alternative than to sue,” Brangelina’s attorney explained in a statement. “Today’s victory marks the end of the litigation brought by Brad and Angelina.”

Imagine if they sued every time a tabloid reported that they broke up? With that kind of money, they could finally afford to cure world hunger!

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