Well, we can all sleep soundly knowing that Lindsay Lohan is off the streets. But now that she’s locked up, how will the volatile actress deal with serving time in jail?

When she surrendered to authorities Tuesday, as ordered by a judge, the starlet was “extremely cooperative,” a rep for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department told People magazine. “She’s going to be a keep-away, meaning she’ll be kept away from the general population.”

However, this safety measure could prove traumatic for Lindsay, who reportedly fears being alone. Even though her 90-day sentence has been cut short due to overcrowding, the “Machete” star will still be stuck in her cell for about 14 days.

But despite reports that she was terrified of serving her sentence, LiLo seemed to be in good spirits before entering the Century Regional Detention Facility — even tweeting, “The only ‘bookings’ that i’m familiar with are Disney Films, never thought that I’d be ‘booking’ into Jail ... eeeks.”

Apparently, she forgot about that hour and a half of hard time she did back in 2006.

Drew Love?

Why exactly is Rachel Uchitel — Tiger Woods’ alpha mistress — joining the cast of “Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew”? The infamous “party girl” is said to be battling pill addiction, according to VH1, but other reports said that’s not the real reason she signed on for Season 4.

Rachel, who also has been linked to actor David Boreanaz, “has made some bad relationship choices and is being given the chance to deal with some issues,” a source told Us magazine.

“She is not an addict,” the source said. “She doesn’t do drugs and isn’t an alcoholic, but she does have problems with relationships. This is her chance to tell her story and show people another side of herself.”

But wait! According to TMZ, Rachel has an ulterior motive for doing the show: an infatuation with Dr. Drew. The site’s sources claim that the chance to get face time with the good doctor was the only reason the former party planner agreed to get on board. Well, that and the $500,000 sum she’s reportedly pocketing.

Funny, this sounds just like the same side of Rachel she’s already shown us.

Playing Keep-Away

It’s not exactly a secret that Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez are a hot new couple. But the pair were downplaying their connection at a birthday party for the Yankees slugger’s teammate CC Sabathia, arriving separately at the Jay Z-owned 40/40 club in NYC, and then keeping their distance.

With no VIP room to sneak off to, “it was obvious that they were deliberately avoiding each other,” a source told People magazine. “The two of them seemed hyperaware that everybody was staring at them, waiting for them to interact.”

Though there was no canoodling, the actress and the ballplayer “were within each other’s eyesight the entire night.”

A source told Page Six that the couple isn’t necessarily playing it coy because of the press, but because of A-Rod’s fellow ballplayers and their spouses.

“Cameron doesn’t cling to A-Rod like Kate Hudson [did], whose front-row antics [at games] didn’t go down well with the [Yankees’] wives,” the source said. “He didn’t look at another girl.”

Wow, this might be serious.

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