Fairfax County School Board member Martina Hone, at-large, said she doubts a new school will be built to replace Clifton Elementary.

“I don’t think that building a new school is even on the table,” Hone said.

School Board officials and school system staff for months had discussed proposals to build a new elementary school to replace Clifton. But Hone said Clifton’s projected drop in student enrollment made a new facility unlikely.

“[Members of the School Board] were not comfortable spending taxpayer dollars on a school that projections show has a declining enrollment. But our staff projections have had so many errors that those numbers could be way off. That’s why I wanted to put this off,” Hone said.

Hone had proposed delaying a final decision on Clifton Elementary until 2013. She was one of two school board members who voted to keep Clifton open.