MSNBC host Joe Scarborough has escalated his feud with Donald Trump by releasing a music video that mocks the GOP candidate.

"He said he'd build a wall for us, but then he up and ran," Scarborough sings, alluding to Trump's changing messaging. The ballad reaches a crescendo when he belts out, "When the cowboys smell the dirty con of Amnesty Don," and they will "love to string him up by his tiny little hands."

"He said he'd deport Mexicans before they raped our wives/And ban a billion Muslims before they took white lives/But then he won the primary, and his courage took a dive," he sings.

The dramatic music video, filled with unflattering pictures of the Republican presidential candidate interspersed with footage of old cowboy films, further describes the Republican president as "a soft and flaccid man." The chorus chimes in saying, "He's softening, is there a pill for that?" a chorus of background singers joins in.

Scarborough, who has led a personal campaign to label the Republican nominee Amnesty Don, posted on Facebook that the song was recorded in a day by a "plucky young band" from the Netherlands. According to CNN Money, Scarborough provided the vocals for the Western ballad.

#AmnestyDon became the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter after he repeatedly used the nickname on "Morning Joe" earlier this week.

Scarborough introduced the idea a few days ago, after suggesting with a chuckle on the show he co-hosts that he would write a song that would form the basis of a country Western musical with the Republican presidential candidate starring as an outlaw who terrorizes a local saloon before simply putting his guns back into their holster saying, "Aw, hell, ya'll can go home now."