Rep. Mark Sanford said allegations that Hillary Clinton gave donors to the Clinton Foundation special treatment when she was secretary of state are "creepy."

"It's creepy, the connection. There is clearly some pay to play. I think it really bothers people, I think there ought to be more disclosure," said Rep. Mark Sanford., R-S.C., during a Monday interview on CNN.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump demanded his Democratic opponent move to permanently shutter the foundation. Last week, the foundation announced if Hillary Clinton is elected president the nonprofit will no longer accept donations from foreign countries or corporations.

When Sanford, a Trump supporter who is running for re-election to Congress, was asked during the interview whether the Republican presidential nominee's failure to release his tax returns undermines his credibility when it comes to transparency issues he acknowledged, he said, "I would think so."

"I think that both on the right and the left side, Republican and Democratic side, there is a bit more to go from the standpoint of transparency," he said.