Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders turned his campaign trail talking points about big banks and the rich into stand-up jokes during an interview Thursday night with NBC's Seth Meyers.

The Democratic socialist filled in for part of the "Burnt ya" segment, where Meyers cracks jokes about random topics. Sanders used the setup to bash the wealthiest of Americans whom he says have hurt the middle and working classes.

"The 1 percent, what do you need all that money for? If I didn't know any better I'd think you were trying to compensate for something," Sanders said. "How is it possible that some of you are paying a lower tax rate than your secretaries? That makes less sense than the plot of 'Batman v Superman.'"

Sanders also bashed big banks on Wall Street.

"The big banks, you're not too big to fail. You failed. My advice to you is the same advice I'd give to a couple contemplating an open relationship: It's time to break up, but don't feel bad. All the best bands break up eventually," Sanders said.

The lighthearted tone was only temporary, as Sanders quickly returned to attacking the Republican majority in Congress that he said has not cooperated with President Obama.

It was the Vermont senator's first appearance on the late night show since last June, when he began his campaign.

Sanders, who called Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton "not qualified" for the presidency one night earlier, partially retracted his comments on Clinton.

"On Hillary Clinton's worst day, she's 100 percent better than any of the Republicans," Sanders said.