Fresh off of drawing the largest Iowa crowds of any presidential candidate in the race so far, Bernie Sanders received the endorsement by a key New Hampshire political figure.

CNN reports that longtime activist Dudley Dudley has endorsed the Vermont independent senator over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the Democratic party's nomination.

The decision appears to be a blow to presidential candidate Martin O'Malley. The former Maryland governor met Dudley at both her Durham, New Hampshire, homes, CNN reported on Saturday.

A recent CNN/WMUR New Hampshire primary poll found Clinton leading Sanders by 8 points. But that is a dramatic shift from her earlier lead of 38 points.

Dudley endorsed Sanders because of his message on campaign finance.

"He's very believable. A lot of people seem to say a lot of things that don't come to pass. I feel that he is compelling and trustworthy and I'm hoping that he will get the nomination," according to a report from CNN. "I particularly like what he has to say about Citizens United, about the need to have a more just tax system in this country, and to even out the income inequality. He has a way of stating it in a way that is no nonsense and so straight forward."

On Friday night Sanders greeted the biggest Iowa crowd so far in the 2016 presidential race. He attracted more than 2,500 people at a convention center in Council Bluffs, Iowa, according to the Washington Post.