A new report by a United Nations-sanctioned human rights group concluded that Russian forces have killed more civilians since entering the Syrian civil war than has the Islamic State.

"A remarkably important point that must be noted is that ISIS emerged in Syria" April 9, 2013, "while Russian forces entered Syria" Sept. 30, 2015, the Syrian Network for Human Rights wrote in a report dated Thursday.

The organization, which the United Nations considers a valid statistical source, concluded that Russia's bombing campaign has claimed at least 2,704 civilian lives while the Islamic State has murdered at least 2,686.

"These airstrikes have become the most lethal killer of Syrian civilians, accounting for two-thirds of all civilian deaths in July 2016," the advocacy group Save or Syria stated on Friday.

"The pace of Russia's killing of Syrian civilians is alarming," said the Syrian Network on Human Rights' Fadel Abdul Ghany. "Russia's attacks are wildly indiscriminate and disproportionately affect civilians. Collateral damage of this magnitude is a clear indicator that Russia isn't just accidentally hitting civilian objects, it is deliberately targeting civilians."

The Syrian Opposition HNC, which represents rebel groups fighting Syrian President Bashar Assad's forces again called on the U.S.-led anti-Islamic State coalition to enforce a no-fly zone.

It also called on the international community to sanction Moscow, which the group says has committed war crimes.