Want to know the secrets to being rich in wealth and life? Hip-hop star Russell Simmons says he has the key to achieving both inner and outer affluence, and has laid it all out in his new book "Super Rich: A Guide to Having It All." "Super rich is the state of needing nothing," says Simmons. "We want to move towards that state, which is enlightenment."

Simmons tells Yeas & Nays the book, which was named by his ex-wife Kimora Lee, talks about how to become a better contributor by focusing on the work that you do rather than worrying about the results over which you have no control. "Good givers are great getters," says Simmons. "If you go to work with that spirit, the toys will come."

Simmons tells us when he began writing this book, redefining the term "rich" was scary -- he didn't want to just write a book about making money, he wanted to write about how to live richly in a state of happiness, and living in a happy spirit is attractive to everyone.

"Get up in the morning and decide what you want to give, not what you want to get," he says. "That kind of attractive person will really start to see results quickly."

So does Simmons think he really has it all? "Hell, no," he says, "But I have faith that these promises are true; I've seen it work." Simmons tells us he will be promoting his book in cities across the country and is excited to be returning to D.C. for a launch party and signing at the Grey Goose Mansion on Friday night.

He also tells us that whatever profits he makes from this book will probably go to charity.