Rush Limbaugh's new contract with distributor iHeartMedia will last until 2020, the conservative radio king announced on his program Tuesday.

"I don't feel old. I don't feel worn out … I decided to keep doing it because there's nothing I love more, and there's nothing that could replace it," he said. "Even being on TV occasionally, which would not be a replacement or anything of the sort."

"Four more years. The release didn't specify that," Limbaugh said. "I told everybody involved I don't want any terms announced … My dad always told me you never talk about it."

The 65-year-old broadcaster, who was syndicated in 1988, signed his last contract in 2008, which was an eight-year deal worth $400 million.

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In a statement earlier on Tuesday, Limbaugh said he had "seriously considered moving on to something else," but said iHeartMedia executives were "very persuasive." He added, "I really want to be on the air if the Russians find Hillary's emails."