Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani took Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to task for accepting donations from countries that oppress women.

Giuliani, speaking before Donald Trump's immigration speech Wednesday night, brought up the recent Clinton Foundation scandal that more than half the people who met with Clinton during her time as secretary of state had donated to the foundation. Giuliani then asked who those donors were.

"A money launderer, a convicted criminal, several dictators who oppress women. And she's a feminist?" Giuliani said. "And she takes millions and millions and millions of dollars, and her husband takes millions of dollars in speaking fees from dictators, oppressors; from people who discriminate against women to people who run countries where women can't drive cars."

He added: "And she has the nerve to say the Republican Party has a war on women? The biggest war on women are all those people she was taking money from."

The money launderer Giuliani was referring to was Gilbert Chagoury, who had pledged to donate $1 billion to the Clinton Global Initiative and had been convicted of money laundering in 2000. Chagoury entered a plea deal and paid $66 million to Nigeria, the country he had laundered money from. His conviction was later expunged.

Giuliani was probably referring to one of multiple criminals who allegedly donated to the Clinton Foundation as mentioned in Peter Schweizer's book Clinton Cash.

As for dictators and oppressors of women, Giuliani was referring from the millions of dollars Clinton received from Saudi Arabia, a country where women are banned from driving the car or even interacting regularly with men to whom they are not related.

The "war on women" meme was featured prominently in Democratic attacks back in 2012 to great success, and again in 2014, to great failure. Neither the party nor Hillary Clinton have used the phrase in 2016, although they have accused Trump of being sexist, and Republicans of wanting to set women back.

A poll released Wednesday morning showed women have flip-flopped on Hillary Clinton and now dislike her more than they like her. Giuliani could be trying to capitalize on that by focusing on how Clinton has her own problems with women.

Ashe Schow is a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner.