LONDON (AP) — Italy's Jessica Rossi has won the gold medal in women's trap shooting at the London Olympics, missing just one of 100 shots on Saturday to set a world record.

Rossi was 75-for-75 in the qualifying rounds. Her lone miss came on the 18th shot of the 25-shot final.

Rossi's overall 99 topped the former overall world mark of 96 by Zuzana Stefecekova of Slovakia in 2006, and her qualifying score of 75 was one better than the 74 by Victoria Chuyko of Ukraine in 1998.

The former Olympic records were an overall 91 set by Finland's Satu Makela-Nummela in 2008 and a qualifying 71 by Daina Gudzineviciute of Lithuania at the 2000 Sydney Games.