Donald Trump's "aggressive," "take charge and take over" personality are destructive and all too common in government, said former Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, Thursday.

"What I fear is that [Trump] may be tapping in to something," said Ron Paul in an interview with Ed Berliner on Newsmax TV. "People may love this aggressive personality that's going to take charge.That worries me...the thing that concerns me is that it's sort of like 'take charge and take over' and we've had too much government taking charge and taking over."

"We don't need somebody with an iron fist to come in and say, 'It'll be done my way and I can correct all these problems,' because the solution isn't to have somebody strong to tell us what to do," he said, adding that the government caused the problems using a similar approach.

"I don't think anybody should be running the economy and that's the whole fallacy of our last hundred years," Paul said.

Trump "can't run the economy, he can't create jobs and he should know that," added Paul. "He can create jobs if he stays in the building industry, but even his industry is going to be in trouble because he might build too many buildings because interest rates are zero."