Former Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, has harsh words for reality TV star Donald Trump.

Paul, whose son Rand Paul is currently a top-tier 2016 GOP presidential candidate, warned this week that Trump is not only "dangerous," but that he is also a petty "authoritarian."

The former Texas lawmaker's remarks came Wednesday during an interview on the "Alan Colmes Show." "Is Donald Trump good or bad for the Republican Party?" the show's host asked, referring to the infamously brash real-estate-mogul-turned-2016-GOP-canidate.

"Well, I don't even care whether he's good or bad for the Republican Party, I don't have much interest in that per se, but I think he's is a dangerous person. And a lot of people find him sort of funny, and love him, even libertarian types," Paul, himself a libertarian, replied.

"Why is he dangerous?" Colmes pressed.

"They like him because he's so disruptive to the party system, and I enjoy that too. But I think he's a man that if conditions deteriorate, which they can, see I work on the assumption that the world is no more stable than Greece, and if those conditions come, people want to be told what to do," Paul said, adding in imitation of those people, '"And I know what the answer is, and I'll do this, and I am the man to this.'"

"And [Trump] comes across this very well, and people listen to him, and I believe he may be raising white horses someplace and he's going to ride in. Because he is almost the opposite of a libertarian, because it's not like 'I want to give you your freedom and your liberty to run your life as you choose. Your civil liberties are absolutely yours, you can't hurt anybody, it's your own money you can spend it any way you want.' But he sounds like the person, 'I know the answers and I'm going to do this and I've done this, I've done this, this and this,'" Paul added.

The use of the word "authoritarian" caught Colmes' attention, prompting him to ask Paul to explain his meaning.

"He's an authoritarian and that's the way he claims he made all his money. So I see that as dangerous," the former congressman said.

Trump currently polls ahead of Rand Paul, according to Real Clear Politics.

(h/t Mediaite)