BuzzFeed played host to several hundred media and political types at the Florida Aquarium Wednesday night. Among those sampling the mashed potato bar and staring at the shark tank were a handful of Romney and GOP staffers: Speaker John Boehner spokesperson Michael Steel; Romney spokespersons Andrea Saul and Amanda Henneberg; and Romney body man Garrett Jackson.

They were joined by Chuck Todd, Maureen Dowd, Jill Abramson, and half the Washington press corps - plus "Sex and the City" actor Evan Handler, who left midway through the party to film a segment with MSNBC before returning.

All the bold-faced names, though, were overshadowed by the party's most anticipated guest: two penguins, carted through the aquarium on a wagon. Guests shamelessly gaped and photographed the little guys, who seemed unperturbed by the attention.