Rep. Mike Rogers, former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, highlighted some of the "consequences" of the president's nuclear agreement with Iran Sunday, clashing with a former White House adviser who spoke in favor of the deal.

"The notion that it's either this deal or war, I think, is fundamentally wrong and incorrect," Rogers said Sunday on CBS's "Face the Nation."

"There are some problematic areas," the Alabama Republican added.

Rogers said one such area included "opening them up to the receipt of conventional weapons."

"That adds to the notion of destabilization in the region," he added. "The fact that we not only guide their path to their nuclear program — we light it, and in there is provisions to pay for it, which is really troubling."

Tom Donilon, former national security adviser to President Obama, said the nuclear agreement with Iran is a "solid, sensible deal."

"As a result of the deal, we will have a shrunken, closely-inspected, verified and monitored Iranian nuclear program," Donilon said.

"The pathway toward a nuclear weapon for Iran will be cut off," he added.