A Roanoke, Va., television station offered a moment of silence Friday to remember two journalists who were murdered on live television last year. Friday marks the one year anniversary since reporter Alison Parker and her cameraman Adam Ward were killed at close range during an early morning broadcast.

"Our hearts our heavy today and I'm sure your hearts are too," WDBJ anchor Kimberly McBroom said. "It was exactly one year ago that we lost our dear friends Alison Parker and Adam Ward. A lot of you were watching at that time."

For 1 minute and 30 seconds, the network displayed photos of Parker and Ward with no music or narration.

An employee who had been fired from the station, Vester Flanagan II, gunned down the journalists at close range as Parker began a segment with Vicki Gardner of the Smith Mountain Lake Chamber of Commerce. Gardner survived the attack and Flanagan killed himself following a police pursuit.

WDBJ anchor Chris Hurst had been dating Parker and told the Roanoke Times he intends to spend the day with "some of those Alison loved most and that will help."

"[W]e also are more connected to our viewers and the people we serve by what happened," Hurst wrote. "There remains the opportunity to use that for good and to give a voice to those who are struggling in their own way and need community comforting just as we have received."

Ward was 27 and Parker was 24.