Hillary Clinton faces mounting pressure from Republicans to address questions about her family's foundation in a press conference now that 263 days have passed since she last faced reporters.

Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee, called on Clinton to convene a press conference Wednesday amid controversy over the access donors to the Clinton Foundation enjoyed while she served as secretary of state.

"It's time for Hillary Clinton to hold a press conference to explain the brazen conflicts of interest and obvious pay-to-play politics that went on in her State Department," Priebus said in a statement. "Clinton owes explanations for why she broke ethics agreements regarding foreign donations to her family foundation, gave preferential treatment to foundation donors as secretary of state, and why we should believe that her secret server wasn't designed to cover up the shady pay-to-play politics at her State Department."

Criticism of the foundation reached a fever pitch Tuesday when the Associated Press revealed Clinton had reserved most of her non-government meetings for donors. The AP spent three years prodding the State Department to release the scheduling documents from which that figure was taken, although the agency has not yet released all of Clinton's planning materials.

Clinton has not held a press conference in 2016. The Democratic nominee, who is highly selective about the media interviews she grants, most recently took unscreened questions from reporters in December of last year.