The Republican National Committee has reached a new level in off-year summer fundraising with the $10.1 million sum it raised in June.

In a statement released Monday, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said the "record-breaking fundraising shows the enthusiasm for putting the White House back into Republican hands."

The committee's June figures point to a great deal of grassroots support. Ninety-nine percent of the donations it's received have been for $200 or less with an average donation of $79, according to its latest report.

With $55.4 million raised so far and $16.1 million cash on hand, Priebus says the RNC has been able to launch a number of new initiatives "designed to bring more people into the political process and connect them with the Republican Party."

The RNC kicked off its #CommittedToCommunity campaign on July 12 in Ohio which aims to expand the party's appeal out to black voters through a number of faith-based events, issue forums, and a partnership with black media outlet, Radio One. The committee has also deployed staff on the ground already which Priebus says has set a new record in comparison with previous election cycles.

"Early support from investors is absolutely essential in laying the groundwork for a victorious 2016 election," Priebus said. "It allows the RNC to make long-term strategic investments in everything from data infrastructure to on-the-ground voter engagement – all while holding Hillary Clinton accountable for her record of hypocrisy and failure."

The Democratic National Committee has yet to release its June figures.