If Albert Haynesworth doesn't show up for training camp, the Washington Redskins should do nothing.

The defensive tackle is supposed to report July 29. Then again, he was supposed to come to minicamp in June and didn't. He was supposed to work out with the team over the offseason and didn't. And as for those pesky offseason team activities that everyone else attended even though they were voluntary? Haynesworth was a no show there, too.

All this came after Haynesworth took $21 million in February with the understanding he instead could leave to seek big money elsewhere if he desired. Haynesworth probably could have found equal dough if Washington released him then. Instead, he promised to buy into the system before double-crossing the Redskins.

What happens if Haynesworth sits out hoping to force a trade and doesn't come to camp?

Nothing -- let him sit.

The worst thing Washington can do is panic and trade Haynesworth right away for pennies on their investment. In the past, that's exactly what would have happened under the disastrous Vinny Cerrato-Dan Snyder regime. But the Redskins now have professionals in the front office, and coach Mike Shanahan and general manager Bruce Allen can more than handle a standoff.

The Redskins merely need to place Haynesworth on the did-not-report list and fine him $16,000 daily. If he doesn't report by the regular season, just keep him on the sidelines. Washington did the same thing to Sean Gilbert in 1997. There's no need to salvage something from Haynesworth by giving him the trade he wants.

The team has cautiously moved on already, bringing in several defensive linemen to replace Haynesworth. While nose tackle is the tip of the defensive spear, Washington can find someone else who will be good enough. Probably not as good as Haynesworth, but then again if he doesn't care, then the next guy is better.

There will be great chatter surrounding Haynesworth's future if he doesn't report, but it's all background noise. Shanahan and Allen will ignore it until Haynesworth eventually shows up or another team increases a trade offer. Shanahan will open his second day news conference by saying he only wants to talk about who's in camp -- just like he did during minicamp.

Should Haynesworth actually show, the Redskins will be glad to see him. There's always a chance it will happen. But if he doesn't, Washington's plan is simple: ignore their wayward son.

Rick Snider has covered local sports since 1978. Read more at TheRickSniderReport.com and Twitter @Snide_Remarks or e-mail rsnider@washingtonexaminer.com.