Defensive coordinator Jim Haslett is amused by all the questions surrounding the Washington Redskins' switch to a 3-4 defense.

Training camp opens Thursday with the Redskins moving from their long-time lineman-loaded 4-3 scheme to a more versatile system designed to increase pass rushing from the edge. Washington's defense has much of the same personnel that finished 10th overall last season, so it's just a reallocation of assets -- as they say on Wall Street.

"We just took the pieces we had and shifted things," Haslett said. "I don't think it's a big deal."

It certainly isn't. Not since Albert Haynesworth arrived on Wednesday -- supposedly 30 pounds lighter and without a chip on his shoulder. Haslett and Haynesworth met for 90 minutes, after spending a whole 10 minutes together the entire offseason.

Maybe they don't love each other, but it's apparent they have to live with each other -- Haslett seems ready to do so -- given the Redskins couldn't unload the lineman over the offseason.

"[Haynesworth] knows he's behind," Haslett said. "He understands what we're looking for."

Unlike Miami, Buffalo and Green Bay, which grabbed new players when moving to a 3-4, Washington is using old players to do new things. Haynesworth will slide over to end at times. Defensive end Andre Carter will move to linebacker, but also could see some snaps on the line. Cornerback Carlos Rogers gets more time at nickel, which Haslett hopes increases interceptions. Maybe the pass patterns will include more throws near Rogers' chest -- where the far from sure-handed corner has a better chance to hold on to the ball.

Haslett isn't re-inventing the wheel, just the crew. The Redskins have enough defensive talent to contend, but it's not a rock solid unit. They need linebacker Brian Orakpo to avoid the dreaded sophomore slump. DeAngelo Hall must improve as the No. 1 corner.

But most of all, they need inner peace in the locker room. Teammates publicly called out Haynesworth over the offseason for missing "voluntary" practices and mandatory minicamp. London Fletcher and Phillip Daniels were far more candid in their criticism than usual.

It wasn't a joyous reunion when Haynesworth finally arrived. Some teammates had a few things to say to their best player -- who has always seemed distant since arriving 16 months ago.

But Haslett isn't worried about lingering animosity. Just go play the game and don't worry about the rest.

"Time takes care of things," Haslett said.

Including the switch to the 3-4.

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