Michelle Rhee announced her legislative agenda for nationwide education reform on Monday morning, chock full of Rhee hallmarks like repealing tenure and evaluating teachers based on student test scores.

The 25-page document from StudentsFirst, the advocacy nonprofit Rhee started in December, proposes laws for both states and districts to adopt, but here's an outline for easier digestion. Can you spot the code words for "charter schools" and "Teach for America"?

Policy Priority 1: Elevate the teaching profession by valuing teachers' iImpact on students

Strategy 1.1: Evaluate teachers based on evidence of student results rather than arbitrary judgments, and separate teacher evaluation from the collective bargaining process.

Strategy 1.2: Evaluate principals on their ability to drive student outcomes, and to attract, retain, manage, and develop excellent teachers.

Strategy 1.3: Support all paths that bring excellent teachers and instruction to students.

Strategy 1.4: Pay teachers substantially more for effectiveness.

Strategy 1.5: Make all staffing decisions based on teachers' impact on students.

Strategy 1.6: Eliminate tenure, and make teaching a profession based on respect and performance.

Policy Priority 2: Empowering parents with real choice and real information

Strategy 2.1: Create more high-quality, publicly funded school choices.

Stategy 2.2: Empower parents with clear and useful data.

Strategy 2.3: Empower parents to trigger the turnaround of a failing school.

Strategy 2.4: Require parent consent for students placed with ineffective teachers.

Policy Priority 3: Spend taxpayer resources wisely to get better results for students

Strategy 3.1: Promote governance structures that prioritize accountability and put students' interests first.

Strategy 3.2: Require budget transparency.

Strategy 3.3: Deploy resources to maximize student learning.

Strategy 3.4: Create pension and benefit programs responsibly.