It’s hard to say that Robert Griffin III had his best day. It is safe to say that in the last practice open to the public, Griffin looked good.

Maybe it was just one good day after a mediocre one. Or maybe it was part of the progression.

“I’ve seen a huge difference from OTAs to where he’s at now,” backup QB Rex Grossman said. ”With the way he looks in the pocket and the way he’s reading our plays, he’s got a rhythm to everything. He’s going through the progressions with a rhythm he didn’t have in the OTAs.”

Sure enough, Griffin was in a good rhythm Tuesday. He did not hit every pass, but he did have a few dropped (two by Santana Moss over the middle). And once more there’s reason to believe he’ll be a big weapon inside the red zone because of his legs, whether on broken plays or scheduled ones (though there was one play today in which Kedric Golston might have drilled Griffin had it been in a game; beat Adam Gettis to the outside).

But his arm stood out. It helped that he got rid of the ball a little quicker and it didn’t seem the defense brought the same pressure at times. Regardless, Griffin threw a nice pass over the middle to Leonard Hankerson, who used his size to provide a bigger target vs. Josh Wilson.

Perhaps his best throw came down the left side against a cover-2 look, over the head of Wilson and in front of safety Madieu Williams. Pierre Garcon made the grab.

Griffin didn’t hit anything deep downfield (a pattern all of camp), though he did try to connect with Garcon down the right sideline. But Brandyn Thompson had good coverage and the pass was overthrown.  Griffin and Garcon couldn’t connect on a fade route in the left corner, but Wilson had excellent coverage and knocked the ball from Garcon’s hands. But Griffin and Garcon connected on a dig route in which Griffin led him into more yards.

It’s clear that Griffin felt good in the pocket most of the day. On one of the few times he received severe pressure he wanted to throw the ball. Not sure where he was going with the ball, but he brought it down, reset and quickly delivered a strike to Josh Morgan. Another example of what it means to have an athletic quarterback like Griffin.

He finished his day with an out route to Moss vs. DeAngelo Hall. A nice pitch and catch as a certain Ballcoach used to say. Griffin threw easy, as he should with a clean pocket.

One play that didn’t go Griffin’s way? In the red zone he threw a quick out to Garcon that the defense claimed – loudly – he was short of the goal line. They celebrated and, one of the defensive players – wasn’t sure who, “He didn’t get it! He didn’t get it! He’s worried about being a celebrity!”


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