Political reporters watching President Obama's press conference on Wednesday were quick to note that he was doing a lot of talking but answering few questions.

The conference was intended to be an opportunity for Obama to take questions from reporters about the administration's controversial deal with the Iranian government to curb Tehran's nuclear development program. Obama opened the conference with remarks about the deal then moved on to take questions.

"Is it a press conference if you just continue your speech after every question?" asked Ana Marie Cox, a liberal columnist for the Guardian, on Twitter.

"[Obama] has asked himself five to six questions so far; reporters got two — and he didn't answer one of them," tweeted Glenn Thrush, a senior reporter for Politico.

Chris Cillizza of MSNBC and the Washington Post noted that about 20 minutes into the Q&A, Obama had taken just two questions.

Matt Spence, a reporter for the Times of London, rhetorically asked if Obama, who at one point grew testy with a journalist, was "trying to punch the press corps out on Iran."

Obama said in the conference that the deal was the best possible solution to deter Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. He said it's supposed to give international inspectors full access to nuclear facilities in Iran and he challenged critics to propose a better deal.