Attendees at a Donald Trump fundraiser in Minneapolis Friday night were shouted at, manhandled and even reportedly spit on by a crowd of unruly protesters.

Pro-immigration demonstrators gathered outside the Minneapolis Convention Center early Friday evening to protest the GOP nominee's first visit to the state. The initial demonstration, which was organized by the Minnesota Immigrants Rights Action Committee, was peaceful.

As the evening wore on, however, a number of disguised protesters joined the anti-Trump demonstrators, and that's when things turned ugly.

"Some fundraiser attendees were pushed and jostled, spit on and verbally harassed as they left the ­convention center," the Star Tribune reported.

Trump did not appear in public.

One demonstrator told the Star Tribune that Trump is engaging in dangerous rhetoric.

"You've got somebody out there saying things that used to only be said in the shadows," the Minneapolis resident said. "I think what he's saying represents something pretty dangerous for our country."

Earlier, Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., participated in a press conference in which he blasted the Republican candidate's immigration platform and proposed bans on Muslims.

"If Donald Trump had it his way, many of the people who are making this neighborhood the dynamic, interesting place that it is, the job generator that it is, they wouldn't even be here," Ellison, himself a Muslim, said.

There were no arrests Friday night. There were also no reported injuries.