Enrollment in Obamacare's insurance exchanges failed to meet an initial forecast, with less than half of the 24 million people projected to join the exchanges actually enrolling, according to a Washington Post analysis.

"In February 2013, the Congressional Budget Office predicted that 24 million people would buy health coverage through the federally and state-operated online exchanges by this year, [but] just 11.1 million people were signed up as of late March," the Post reported.

The Congressional Budget Office slashed its projected enrollment numbers nearly in half, as the Washington Examiner's Robert King reported last Thursday. Lower participation from healthy people and technology concerns are reportedly among the potential reasons for the lower enrollment numbers.

Officials also reportedly overestimated the number of people who would lose insurance from employers, forcing them into the exchanges. But attracting the uninsured has also proved a problem, with many choosing to pay the fine rather than sign up as required. Some have balked at the high deductibles required, according to the Post.