Apple is branding at least some of the content supportive of Donald Trump in its iTunes store as "explicit," a warning the company says it puts on broadcasts that might contradict "cultural morals and standards."

The policy was revealed in June to Mark Hammond, who runs a pro-Trump podcast called MAGAPod, when he contacted the company to find out why his program had been branded with the label, and made public by an Observer report on Friday.

"Hammond talked to Sandra, a representative from Apple," according to the report. Sandra refused to remove the label. "She explained that, since the description of his show is pro-Trump, his show is explicit in nature ... because the subject matter is Donald Trump."

Yet when Hammond contacted Apple's "podcast support team" by email, another company representative named "Tim" reversed the decision, labeling the podcast as "clean" within 24 hours.

It is unclear how many products in the store might be affected by the policy, or whether it is part of an intentional policy. Apple did not reply to the Washington Examiner's request for comment.

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A page on the company's website suggests the label is intended to be used mainly as a warning to parents about offensive content. The page explains that what constitutes offensive content determined by looking at "whether, in light of contemporary cultural morals and standards and the choices and views of individual parents, the recording might be one that parents may not want their child to listen to."

It isn't the first time the company has been hit with an allegation that it discriminates against conservatives. The company twice refused to publish a game based on Hillary Clinton's email scandal, calling it "mean-spirited," but has has had no qualms over games deemed similarly offensive to Trump supporters.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has personally held fundraisers for both Republicans and Democrats, including Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan, and he is set to hold an event for Clinton's presidential campaign in the coming weeks that will cost attendees as much as $50,000 each. He has yet to schedule a similar event for Trump, an event that observers believe is unlikely to come.