Remember when Democrats groaned about how the new GOP House leadership's decision to begin the new Congress with the reading of the Constitution was an unnecessary publicity stunt? Yeah:

Arguing that the Commerce Clause provides the constitutional basis for ObamaCare, Jackson Lee said repealing the law by passing Republicans' H.R. 2 violates both the Fifth Amendment's right to due process and the Fourteenth Amendment's equal protection clause.“The Fifth Amendment speaks specifically to denying someone their life and liberty without due process," she said in a speech on the House floor moments ago. "That is what H.R. 2 does and I rise in opposition to it. And I rise in opposition because it is important that we preserve lives and we recognize that 40 million-plus are uninsured.

I think we all know that Rep. Jackson Lee isn't the most candent star in the Congressional Milky Way, but really? They just passed this law less than a year ago and all of a sudden it's inseperable from the Bill of Rights?