Rep. Ciro Rodriguez, D-Tex., is partying like it’s Town Hall Summer 2009. He’s the latest congressman to go viral for all the wrong reasons, and he’s holding down a district that went for Obama with 51 percent of the vote. His Republican opponent is Quico (KEE-ko) Canseco.

Rodriguez states in the clip that CBO projected $4.1 trillion in spending without Obamacare. He was apparently referring not to CBO numbers, but for the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ old projection for all health care spending (public and private) in fiscal 2017. (Under the new numbers, it’s $4.2 trillion in fiscal 2018.)

Either way, note the continuation of President Obama’s misleading rhetoric about “if we do nothing.” To borrow an expression, that’s called a “straw man.” To borrow another: “When the law and the facts are both against you, pound the table.”