Mark Tapscott pointed out this morning Texas Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee’s remarks from the House floor about North and South Vietnam, and the two nations’ continued peaceful coexistence.

I would also remind folks of her 2004 speech, praising the halftime show of the Super Bowl that was held in Houston that year — the one that featured the Janet Jackson Wardrobe malfunction:

[L]et me take personal pride…to congratulate Houstonians for being the most welcoming city that I think the Super Bowl has experienced over the last years of its history. We are proud of what we did. We are proud of the family-oriented entertainment that we offered, and we look forward to extending an invitation back to all of you in years to come.

Also, don’t forget the time Jackson-Lee took a cell phone call during a town hall meeting on health care, as a cancer survivor was in the middle of asking her a question: