Niles Paul learned another lesson about tight end in his first preseason game. He can add it to the list. But this one was a mild surprise because it wasn’t an issue in training camp practices.

However, when he was playing the Tiger position (H-back equivalent) Paul noticed something.

“I can’t see the ball nor can I hear what’s going on,” he said. “It’s something I have to adjust to. It’s definitely a little different.”

The solution, courtesy of tight ends coach Sean McVay: get a little lower in his stance.

“I have to key the ball and look and see what’s going on with the defense and I have to know what the snap count is on on top of that,” Paul said. “It’s a lot going on that I’m not used to. I’m still getting adjusted.”

At receiver, Paul didn’t always have to know the snap count. He’d eye the ball and go when it was snapped. Simple. At Tiger he can’t get off late at all.

“If I’m off late I can cause a wrinkle or crease in the O-line,” he said. “I know that. I have to get off the ball in time. It’s just different.”

Paul was pleased with how he blocked overall vs. the Bills. He did a good job getting his feet around in time to seal linebackers or ends and used his quickness to beat defenders to a spot.

“Me being a smaller guy I’ll be targeted by a lot of, ‘Let me try to bull him,’ “ Paul said. “All that was going through my head. When I got in there and I played, [I] thought, ‘It’s not as bad as I thought.’ I’m getting to where I’m supposed to be and I’m holding him off and I’m like it’s not that bad. I started getting more comfortable.”


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