1. Chris Chester’s sprained left ankle likely will keep him out of the Buffalo game Thursday. That means the starting offensive line in the preseason opener is this: left tackle Trent Williams, left guard Maurice Hurt, center Will Montgomery, right guard Adam Gettis and right tackle Tyler Polumbus.

2. The right side will be, um, interesting. When Gettis has faced starter types he hasn’t been nearly as effective and gets bent back too much. Polumbus continued to have issues defending the edge vs. Ryan Kerrigan and Chris Wilson. The Redskins will have to scheme this one well. It’s tough to have a banged-up line with any quarterback but with a rookie who has more to process it gets harder. This will be one where Griffin’s legs and deceptive fakes had better work.

3. I did like how Gettis stopped Jarvis Jenkins on pass rush during two-on-two drills. Still waiting for Jenkins to flash like he did last summer. But the coaches warned that it would take him some time. However, on the next play, Barry Cofield used a big hand slap to knock Gettis off-balance and get inside him for a pressure.

4. And one more Gettis. Did like the way he picked up a stunt by Kedric Golston; excellent feet and a solid base. A good combo in an offensive lineman. There are things that Gettis does I really like, that make you think he can develop. Gettis did a good job moving laterally vs. Chris Baker, keeping him along the line on a stretch zone to the left. Gettis did his job.

5. Baker, by the way, took a few snaps with the first unit (the one above was one of them). Last year’s backup nose tackle, Chris Neild had good penetration vs. Erik Cook on one snap. Good power.

6. Secondary coach Raheem Morris wanted his safeties to communicate much louder on post patterns. “Loud as [expletive]!” he told them.

7. I enjoy watching a well-executed stunt, which is what Ryan Kerrigan and Barry Cofield ran. It fooled Willie Smith big time. Kerrigan started upfield with Smith’s eyes plastered on him; then Kerrigan cut inside and Cofield looped around into an unsuspecting Smith, who was knocked back.

8. Chris Wilson got inside Smith for a pressure in 11-on-11 work. Monte Lewis – yep, him again – beat Smith a few plays later, getting inside.

9. Ryan Kerrigan played a boot by Robert Griffin III well, coming right at him on the rush and forcing him to unload a hurried incompletion to tight end Chris Cooley. Kerrigan also beat Polumbus around the edge for another pressure. Right before Wilson went wide vs. Smith.  Kerrigan then drove Polumbus back on another rush (Griffin was stuck in the pocket; 3.88 seconds and no throw).

10. Still like Alfred Morris’ body lean going through the hole and as he darts downfield.

11. Noticed it more today, but Tristan Davis is fast. Being fast doesn’t mean he’s a great running back but Davis is quick. Can he stay healthy? That’s a big knock on him.

12. Bryan Kehl stepped in front of a Kirk Cousins pass intended for Niles Paul for an interception. Cousins wasn’t terrible; did make a good throw on an out route to Josh Morgan.

13. Kedric Golston mauled Josh LeRibeus on one rush. Keep in mind: one rush.

14. After Robert Griffin III tossed an interception to Josh Wilson – the rookie was under pressure as Chris Wilson beat Polumbus; the pocket collapsed – left tackle Trent Williams shoved the corner at the end of the play. Coach Mike Shanahan called the team together and reminded them not to hurt their own teammates; he felt Williams’ shove was unnecessary.

15. Brandon Banks makes it hard to jam him at the line. Got away from Brandyn Thompson in press coverage. Just beat him off the line with speed. Liked how Richard Crawford handled Terrence Austin off the line, using a mirror technique. Very disciplined on the coverage. But the next time I watched those two square off, Austin turned Crawford around at the line. That’s an instant loss for a corner.

16. Roy Helu missed a blitz pickup (not a good day for backs in protection, in drills or in team work) on Perry Riley. Griffin would have been in, um, trouble.

17. Dezmon Briscoe made a nice grab on a slant route. Rex Grossman’s throw was a little behind, but he reached up and grabbed it. Good catch. These two connected later in a two-minute drill.

18. It’s interesting to watch the receivers work at coming off the ball vs. no defense. Josh Morgan had quick feet; Leonard Hankerson isn’t slow by any means and he does a good job in and out of cuts for a bigger receiver, but in this drill his footwork wasn’t the same as the other starting types.

19. Hankerson had trouble getting off DeAngelo Hall’s jam one time. Hall might have an issue vs. smaller, quicker receivers. Though Hall is quick, those type of wideouts in the slot are just tougher to handle. But Hall was able to get his hands on Hankerson and control him, forcing Robert Griffin to go elsewhere.

20. RGIII Report.


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