1. Let’s get the news out of the way: defensive end Kentwan Balmer still has not contacted the Redskins. He’s been designated as “left camp”, which frees up a roster spot. The Redskins will fill that spot soon, probably as soon as Saturday.

2. Defensive end Adam Carriker had a veteran’s day off. But coach Mike Shanahan said he’s mindful of the blister issues Carriker has had in the past so he wants to limit him when he can.

3. Fullback Darrel Young will miss at least a week, Shanahan said. He clearly won’t play in Buffalo and it wouldn’t make sense for him to play at Chicago either if he’s going to drag into that week.

4. Homecoming day at Redskins Park: former quarterback Heath Shuler and ex-linebackers Ken Harvey and Marcus Washington all attended. Former long snapper Trevor Matich was there as well, but he’s often in camp (homework for his CSNWashington gig).

5. The one-on-one OL-DL drills were replaced by a 3-on-2. Two d-linemen would run a stunt and the linemen would have to pick it up (or else).  They didn’t always run a stunt as Maurice Hurt discovered when Darrion Scott just went around him. Hurt sometimes seems to take a flat step initially and it gets him in a little trouble.

6. Linebacker Brian Orakpo did get a little too far inside LT Trent Williams on one rush, but Hurt was able to help out. Orakpo got inside out of a four-point stance. On the next play Orakpo ran a stunt inside. It worked quite well because Hurt got turned completely outside, freeing a lane.

7. Doug Worthington bulled over Erik Cook on one rush. Cook was flattened during the 11-on-11 work as well, this time by Chris Baker (who stood over him). Chris Neild also drove Cook back another time in 11-on-11.

8. Thought Josh LeRibeus looked fine in these drills (going against backups). He sets lower at the snap than Hurt and plays with a better base. Did  a good job getting off one rusher to help stop a stunt by linebacker Markus White. Actually, LeRibeus had two good sets in a row.

9. This wasn’t a good sign for the line: DL Delvin Johnson and LB Monte Lewis – there he is again – drove back Jordan Black and Adam Gettis. Have to say, Lewis has flashed a little bit in some of these drills. Maybe a practice squad guy? There’s a long way to go. I also think Gettis would do well if he could just sit and learn for a year. He consistently shows a good base, but is struggling with the strength of the players he’s facing. Gettis did do good job when Scott tried to rush inside vs. him. Gettis stayed balanced and slowed him.

10. Quarterback Kirk Cousins had his usual ups and downs, starting with an interception on a deep out to Terrence Austin that safety Tanard Jackson undercut. But Jackson dropped the interception. A couple plays later Cousins threw a deep out to the right side that corner Brandyn Thompson nearly intercepted.

11. But Cousins did make a good throw to running back Roy Helu. Looked like Cousins threw off his back foot under pressure down the right side. Jackson raced over and went for the pick – but the ball went just over his hands and into Helu’s. He would have scored easily in a game. And it was a good grab by Helu.

12. Another highlight play involved Cousins, but only because he threw the ball. He dumped a pass to the right side to fullback Dorson Boyce. Linebacker Lorenzo Alexander raced up to make a hit, but Boyce not only survived the collision, he kept going as Alexander bounced off. Tim Hightower was waving a small white towel after the play and Young was throwing his fist in the air. Two plays later Boyce missed a block on Cedric Griffin coming on a run blitz. A nice job by Griffin, who would have tackled Evan Royster in the backfield.

13. Haven’t see Jarvis Jenkins be as active in this camp as he was a year ago. He flashed big time in the one-on-ones as a rookie, but he hasn’t done so this summer. He did beat LeRibeus in the full-team work to the inside on one play; good penetration. Defensive coordinator Jim Haslett said in the spring that it would take Jenkins a while and he’s right. Not that Jenkins has looked bad, but he hasn’t jumped out like he did a year ago. Not yet at least. Oops; found one time where he was able to move Tyler Polumbus back and apply pressure, leading to a Robert Griffin III throwaway.

14. The Redskins worked on plays from inside their own 5-yard line today. I’ll say this: I wouldn’t run the option down here. Know what I mean?

15. Tight end Chris Cooley worked at fullback with Young sidelined, as he did early last season. If something happened to a fullback during the season, Cooley would need to be the guy who took over. Don’t think you want Fred Davis in that role and Niles Paul said he’s not comfortable at fullback (yet). Logan Paulsen? Who would you rather have there – Paulsen or Cooley? Paulsen is better on the line. Cooley did run the ball once from fullback and also caught a pass.

16. Helu failed to pick up a Chris Wilson blitz. Went way too low.

17.  The Brandon Banks speed watch. Banks took a screen to the right  and it was well-executed thanks to Gettis and Willie Smith getting downfield ahead of him. They created a lane for Banks to cut back inside and then Cook was downfield ready to throw another block. The thing with Banks is all you need to do is get him the ball in a situation like that and then it becomes like another return where he must maneuver in space.

18. I know Fred Davis says he’s an improved blocker, but he still has a ways to go.  Failed to pick up Madieu Williams on a blitz, mostly because of footwork. Davis has been moved back at other times by linebackers vs. the run. He’s still a pass catcher, first and foremost. The funny thing is, this is as quiet an early camp as he’s had since coming to Washington. Don’t think that will continue when the games begin, but usually in camp he’s one of the more impressive players catching the ball.


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