1. It was wise that left tackle Trent Williams removed himself a little earlier than planned from Tuesday’s practice. Williams clearly wasn’t 100 percent; why hurt yourself worse right now? On a stretch zone to the right, Williams moved down the line, trying to keep end Stephen Bowen even with the line of scrimmage. Bowen got inside him a little bit as Williams struggled to move at full speed; you could see a little bit of a limp, too.

2. The most telling play occurred later when Williams led quarterback Robert Griffin III around the left end. Williams looked a step or two slow, causing Griffin to hold up a little bit. Williams was slow to get up and he limped back to the huddle. He did stay in for some red zone work. Looked like he was setting a little higher than usual on a run play, perhaps to compensate.

3. Receiver Aldrick Robinson caught a pass down the left seam from Kirk Cousins. A nice play, right? Except that safety Tanard Jackson would have laid out Robinson had it been a real game. Jackson, who has a reputation as a bit of a head hunter, pulled up at the last second. Robinson had dropped a pass on a previous play.

By the way, on this play Logan Paulsen had a good chip on linebacker Markus White, who was getting around left tackle Willie Smith. A good hard chip that slowed White.

4. One area that linebacker Brian Orakpo said he wanted to improve was pass coverage. It’s too early to say if that has happened or not. But he did do a nice job vs. receiver Leonard Hankerson in the slot. Orakpo played to his inside and bumped him off the line, then understood where he had help – over the top – and stayed on his inside hip. The pass went elsewhere.

5. Orakpo showed his spin move again, something he hasn’t used in previous seasons. It came vs. Tom Compton this time and when you’re a two-time Pro Bowler facing a rookie sixth-round pick you should win. That said, it was still a good move and caught Compton unprepared.

6. Punter Sav Rocca was inconsistent with his hangtime vs. Buffalo and again in practice Saturday. He had one punt vs. the Bills that hung for nearly five seconds; another was around 3.4 seconds. Tuesday, most of Rocca’s punts were in the 4.2 to 4.5 range, which is the desired range. Rocca was a good weapon for the Redskins coverage units in 2011.

7. Yes, I enjoy my stopwatch.

8. Before Leonard Hankerson exited with heat-related issues (and had three liters of an IV), he made a nice grab over the middle where, again, his size was evident. Griffin threw a perfect pass, out in front, with Josh Wilson trailing. It’s nice to have big targets when making those passes over the middle; a bigger window for the quarterback, obviously.

9. Meanwhile, Brandon Banks had a pass slide through his outstretched hands along the sideline on a pass from Rex Grossman. It was a good ball and a receiver who was 5-foot-10 would likely have made the grab. It’s tough for Banks because there are times when you see advantages that he has with his quickness. But if they truly want him to contribute at receiver then it’s going to be difficult. Otherwise, they were just saying these things to get him to train better.

10. Corner Richard Crawford showed good patience and technique vs. Terrence Austin in the slot. While in press coverage, Crawford let Austin make his move and mirrored him. Crawford stayed balanced; Austin couldn’t get free.

11. Haven’t written about Barry Cofield much at all this camp. He hasn’t been dominant in terms of making flashy plays in the backfield. But I also can’t recall many times where he’s been moved off the ball. Just a consistent camp. And you rarely see him getting too upright off the ball.

12. Chris Wilson has had a good camp, too. Is it good enough? Don’t know. But Wilson seems to use his speed to make plays; he got inside Jordan Black and moved down the line to make a tackle. Later, Wilson went outside and powered inside with a hand slap to get Black off balance.

13. Liked a pass that Kirk Cousins threw to Samuel Kirkland. Crawford was inside Kirkland, but Cousins threw the ball low and a bit wide where only Kirkland could make the grab. He did.

14. Cousins and Robinson connected on a red zone pass for a touchdown. Robinson ran a crossing route; Cousins stuck it into a tight window. Cousins made a good read on a blitz; with Keenan Robinson bearing down on him he threw to the vacated area, hitting running back Tristan Davis over the middle.

15. Receiver Pierre Garcon did not appreciate an extra push from safety Madieu Williams after taking a perfect pass from Griffin down the left sideline. Garcon tossed the ball into the crowd.

16. Ryan Kerrigan update: Got upfield vs. right tackle Tyler Polumbus to disrupt a run to the right; got around Smith, who hooked him; got under Paulsen and pushed him back a bit.

17. White had a couple pressures in a third-and-long situation vs. Black. Got inside him the first time, with a little jerk, then went wide a few plays alter. On the latter play, Cousins stayed calm and hit Robinson.

18. Cedric Griffin jumped a Rex Grossman out pass to Anthony Armstrong for an interception. Would have been a touchdown. Incidentally, Armstrong again wore a yellow jersey (they’re protecting his shoulder so they don’t want him hit). He also wore the number 01. On the back of the jersey for his name he wrote Bob III.

19. Today’s notes.