And another excerpt from my email report:

The Redskins work on the route every day, with Robert Griffin III having a mixed record of success. And it’s a route the Redskins haven’t always run, especially in the red zone. But Santana Moss said he’s optimistic that the Redskins will use the fade route a little more this season.

He also said the Redskins run this pattern a little differently than other teams.

“Ours is a little more we have to be patient and then we burst so the quarterback can beat us with the ball,” Moss said. “Our coach doesn’t like us to beat the ball and then we have to come around and catch the ball.”

Also, running this pattern is not necessarily about size. Moss used to score on this route with the Jets. As for the timing on it with Griffin, Moss said, “It’s not like something he hasn’t done. It’s just together as a unit if we work on them more like we’re doing and coach will call them. We’ll have that connection when we need it. That’s why we’ve been doing them a lot [in practice].”

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Here’s another excerpt from earlier Thursday.