Just a quick excerpt from this week’s email report; will post another one later. Rookie running back Alfred Morris will get a big opportunity to prove what he can do against better players, following a 15-carry, 54-yard performance vs. Buffalo. That and the fact that Roy Helu is unlikely to play.

Anyway, what Morris went through at Florida Atlantic has made him a good one-cut runner, and a nice fit in the stretch zone system. In his last two years in college his line struggled, forcing Morris to make fast decisions in the backfield.

That lesson paid off in one run vs. Buffalo in which pressure came off the edge.

“It happened so fast I was like, ‘Whoa.’ It was probably the fastest it’s happened since I’ve been here,” Morris said. “I thought he would hit me as soon as I got the ball, but I planted my foot and got north and south right away.”

Morris still faces a battle for a roster spot. He must prove it vs. better players and there’s also the question of whether or not the Redskins will keep four running backs. However, Morris is off to a good start thanks in part to his college days.

“It’s just getting a feel for it,” he said. “If you do it enough you get better and better. I had quite a few in college, especially my last two years there so I got a good feel for it.”


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