At the age of 17, Evan Draim is the youngest Romney delegate at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL and the rising star was a guest on CNN this morning. Draim was poised and firm in an interview with anchor Carol Costello in which he spoke articulately and with conviction about youth reaction to the Obama administration.

“I feel like a lot of decision making once left up to private, individual citizens, has now been transferred to the government, and I think that counters what younger citizens use," Draim said on CNN Newsroom. "Younger citizens should want the same freedom from their government."

He won a spot as a convention delegate in May after getting elected by voters in Virginia’s 8th congressional district after a four-month campaign and is one of the emerging young stars of the Republican Party.

He credits his election to the convention to a desire by voters to send a younger representative to the convention to make a positive change.

Draim was able to qualify for the convention because he turns 18 on Sept. 14.

The Alexandria, VA native says that young voters came out in droves for President Obama in 2008 because he promised a “more positive and optimistic future,” but with the youth unemployment rate at 12.7 percent, many are having buyer’s remorse.

“The negative impact of [Obama's] policies is keeping a lot of students from achieving the opportunities their parents achieved as persons, and they wanted to send a younger representative to Tampa to have a part in finding a solution to those problems,” Draim said.

A lot of younger voters have become increasingly aware of the nearly $16 trillion national debt and the debt clock unveiled at the convention is symbolic of that, according to Draim. That number does not even include the billions the Obama administration has taken out of Social Security and Medicare.

“And so I think as we're going into 2012, a lot of younger voters have become apathetic about the election because the candidate they supported so overwhelmingly the last time has really let them down.”

Draim can be followed on Twitter at @Evan_Draim.